What is a Wine Collar?

A wine collar is an amazingly simple but helpful tool. Aluminum on the outside. Felt on the inside. Its sole purpose in life is to stop those little drops that slip down the edge of the bottle when the wine is poured.

Keeping those drips from getting onto the table is nearly impossible. You can move the bottle quickly, touching the rim of the bottle to the top of the glass with great hopes that the rim of the glass will catch the drip.

Or, you sit back and relax and let the felt inside of the collar absorb the drip. Clever idea.

Wine is sure proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
— Ben Franklin






Ok, so then what is a Bottlenek™?

A Bottlenek™ is the next gen of wine collars. Boring silver rings are so ,,,, boring.

Bottlenek™ take the wine collar from functional to accessory.

Bottlenek™ add to the festivity of your table and make a unique gift.

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